How it works

St Luke's Lottery is a membership game which allows you to sign up by paying in advance. This can be done either by Direct Debit, Debit Card or cheque. You'll then be entered into our draw each and every Friday.

Your Unique Lottery Number gives you a chance to win 1 of 102 guaranteed prizes each week, including a 1st Prize of £1,000. You can also be in with a chance of winning the amazing Rollover prize which starts at £375. If this isn't won it continues to rollover and can reach a maximum Jackpot of £15,000.

Sign up and you'll no longer need to agonise over which lucky numbers to pick each week. If you're in credit, you're in the draw and if you win your cheque's in the post.

To join today the simplest and quickest way is to set up a Direct Debit and receive your membership number by return email.


This week's rollover:


Every week there is a chance for you to win:

  • 1st Prize


  • 2nd Prize


  • 3rd Prize

    100 x £5

  • Plus

    £375 rollover
    £15,000 Jackpot